Much to the dismay of students everywhere, summer is coming to a close.

Long days spent frolicking in the sun will soon come to an end, with long days spent in the classroom nigh on the horizon. While this might sound depressing, it can be an exciting time for many, particularly college seniors who have graduation within their sights.

When it comes to recruiting upcoming college graduates for your business, getting a foot in the door early is key. Throughout the year there will be all sorts of events, directly career-related or otherwise, during which you can start cultivating a strong presence on campus so that when it comes time to start applying for jobs, your brand will be top of mind.

When attending college recruiting events, it’s important to set the scene in a memorable, impactful way. An eye-catching banner or table covering could draw in the crowds. You could also consider utilizing a branded VR headset to give virtual tours of your workspace. It pays to go big when recruiting, especially in an age of tech savvy young professionals.

Additionally, having the right branded swag on hand will provide instant incentive to visit your table. Because you know what every broke college kid’s two favorite words are? “Free stuff.”

Promotional merchandise has a longevity that traditional advertising and recruiting just can’t hold a candle to. Just think, every time the recipient of your branded merchandise rocks it on campus, countless other students and possible future employees are exposed to your brand.

The best way to do this is to give out branded back to school essentials. College kids are born procrastinators, and thus will probably have waited until the very last minute to acquire such basic needs as back packs, notebooks, pens, etc., all of which you could easily provide them with your brand prominently featured.

Apparel is the biggest back to school category that Americans expect to spend on during back to school shopping. Give out cool branded apparel and they’ll appreciate the cushion on their time and wallets, shedding positive light on your brand.

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you can impact college recruitment through branded back to school giveaways and events. Visit to get started today.