How to use promotional products to make sales meetings more effective.

Picture the scene: you’ve finally landed a sales meeting with a company you’ve been working on for months. This is a big opportunity and you want to make sure everything goes right. You’ve done your homework. You’ve practiced your pitch until you know it backwards and forwards.  But there’s just one little thing missing: a leave behind – something to remind them of you between the pitch and your follow-up call.

Behold the power of promotional products.

Even if you’re the world’s best salesperson, you’re not going to be with your target all the time. And they probably don’t want you to be. But a useful gift emblazoned with your brand’s name and logo can be.

When you’re handing out your business card, why not hand out a pen as well? The perfect leave behind, it will not only keep you at the front of mind, it will keep your contact details on hand in case your card is misplaced. Another great and practical item is a coffee mug.

Or show off your creativity with something unexpected and fun like a desktop game set. The perfect accessory for an office, you can tie it into a pitch about “making the right move.”

And it doesn’t just have to be work-related items. Think about it – it’s nighttime and your client is fumbling with their keys on a dark porch. Good thing the last time you met with her you gave her a branded keychain flashlight.  As she uses it to find the keyhole, she remembers her last conversation with your and realizes your company is the best solution to her company’s needs.

There are so many options to choose from. Promotional products generate exposure for your brand and keep you at the front of mind long after your sales meeting has ended.