Promotional products work. But how do you sell your boss?

You’ve seen the statistics. You know that promotional products work. You know that they generate incredible impressions, often for a fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums. You’re ready to pull the trigger and get some really great branded merchandise. There’s just one little problem: your manager doesn’t want to loosen the purse strings. How do you sell your boss on the fact that promotional products are a great investment? Here are some ideas.

The facts, and nothing but the facts.

It’s hard to argue with cold hard facts.  When you’re making your pitch, arm yourself with statistics. Start with the ASI global impressions study. Go into the discussion prepared to demonstrate how promotional products work, why they work and why they make sense for your business.

If the boss is still reluctant, remind them that you don’t have to supplant your current marketing and advertising strategies with branded merchandise, but that they make an excellent complement.

Appeal to emotion.

Facts aren’t working? It’s time to break out the emotional appeal. Think the end of Old Yeller. Or Love Actually. Or whatever your favorite emotionally charged movie is. Explain how promotional products can make people feel a certain way about your organization. The right product can summon nostalgia, cheer or dozens of other emotions. And you can swoop right in and make your organization a part of those feelings.

Show how cool it is.

At the end of the day, if your first two approaches aren’t working, you need to go the simple route. Sell your boss on just how cool promotional products can be. Whether it’s a t-shirt decorated in a new and inventive manner, a new piece of technology emblazoned with our logo, or just something completely unexpected, the promotional world is full of really cool items that anyone would want.

This article is part of a series titled Promo Buyer 101. This series is perfect for anyone who is just starting to buy promotional products for their organization, or is a veteran buyer but is looking for tips and ideas for branded merchandise needs. Check out the other articles in the series and be sure to share with your colleagues.