Why you should be selling promotional products.

Head out to an agricultural show and count the number of green John Deere hats you see. Or go to a motorcycle rally and look for Harley-Davidson apparel. For some companies, promotional products are as big a part of their brand as the product itself. Selling promotional products is a great way to generate awareness and revenue at the same time.

Give your brand’s fans a way to show their love.

When you allow your brand’s advocates to purchase branded items, you give them a platform to share their preference for your product.  Even if no one ever comes up to them and directly asks, “Say, who’s your favorite company in X industry,” the simple fact that they’re willing to wear your logo is a ringing endorsement.

And promotional products have great staying power. A recent industry study found that the average piece of branded merchandise has a lifespan of eight months. That’s a lot of impressions.

Generate revenue.

There is a practically endless number of promotional products you can choose from. Find the ones people will want and they’ll fly off the shelves. You’ll not only generate revenue from the promotional products themselves, but because they spread the word about your brand, you should see an increase in overall sales as well.  Every t-shirt, hat and pen is like a billboard telling the world about your business.

Define your niche.

Selling promotional products helps you define your role in your industry. By selling promotional products, you help differentiate yourself from the competition.  You can use products to appeal to different demographics within your industry. And the right promotional product can become a sort of calling card, leading to people actively seeking you out to get the latest offering.

Selling promotional products is a great way to spread the word about your company and generate great exposure at the same time.