You May Suffer From Stress and Not Even Know

Half of all adults say they suffered a major stressful event in the past year. Still, experts say that number is too low – many people suffer from hidden stress without realizing it or naming it as that.

The American Psychological Association (APA) does an annual survey towards the end of the year and after 10 years of being in decline, stress levels increased according to the survey results released in February 2017. This was especially true toward the end of the survey period, so a follow up was done. The survey concluded 59% of Republicans and 76% of Democrats were concerned about the nation’s future and that created measurable increases in stress.


The ability to harm our body

Money, work, family responsibilities and health are still strong stress creating factors. “Stress can be good and motivating,” Lynn Bufka, the APA’s associate executive director, told NPR. It does that when it pushes us into action. “When it is constant and intense, people push and push and push and are usually less productive,” Bufka said. “And they are bound to run into health issues in the long run.” Those include obesity, heart conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, sleep problems, uncharacteristic anger, depression and anxiety.


Find productivity in the problem

The important thing is to recognize the causes of stress so a person can look at productive ways to respond. While there may be many stress creators we can’t control, there are positive responses and things that can be done to provide some relief as the feelings of stress come on. For serious, long-term issues, seeking professional support is important.

For stress onset and smaller issues, we’ve got some ideas:

  • Stress Toys: These squeezable foam items come in countless shapes. Sometimes the physical exertion of squeezing, pounding or throwing an object is a good outlet.
  • Aromatherapy: Various scents have been associated with enhancing positive moods. Aromatherapy products have been designed for use at home, in the office or both. Lotions, essential oils, candles and more fall into this category.
  • Headphones & Music Devices: Music can be a very soothing, though the music that helps you most varies per person. Consider earbuds or headphones for office settings. Even better choices are the noise-cancelling units that reduce extraneous outside noise. With lots of Bluetooth(R)  choices, you don’t even need the frustration of dealing with wires anymore.
  • Adult Coloring Books: A distraction of peaceful action. Sometimes we just need to forget everything and immerse ourselves in something totally different.


There is Relief For Everyone

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