A helping hand from one co-worker to another shows how employees care.

At Staples Promotional Products our employees have several opportunities to give back. Personally, I’m a big fan of this because I have always felt it’s important to help others. You never know when you could be on the other end, and it always feels great to see a smile on someone’s face!

Recently I stepped outside of my traditional Marketing Manager role to lead a fun internal campaign to promote ways our employees could give back. Our GM approached me about increasing our participation rate in our internal Staples Share Fund and wanted my help in raising awareness about how associates could help each other.

What is the Staples Share Fund? A cool organization we have that was founded by and is funded by associates and corporate contributions. It allows us to donate a portion of our check each pay period to help those we work with.

The Share Fund offers relief for associates in need of financial assistance due to: natural disasters, personal events or other circumstances beyond their control. Another perk to the Share Fund is that all current, full-time and part-time US Staples associates are welcome to apply. Therefore, no one that works for Staples gets left out. AND Staples matches our donations up to one million dollars!

When the GM suggested I organize a team and to improve our participation rate I was super excited. Not only because I felt passionate about the Share Fund, but because I was excited this was important to our leadership team. We knew we didn’t have a low participation because no one at Staples cared – it was because they didn’t know about it.

Over a six week period our team helped organize on-site events at all three office locations (Overland Park, KS, St. Louis, MO and Orange City, IA). These events included activities, prizes and giveaways, snacks, pledge cards, videos and flyers. We also sent out emails and weekly progress updates to include our field associates, dressed up for spirit days and visited different locations to help spread the word. It was amazing to see our progress and I am happy to report within four weeks our participation grew by over tenfold.

In addition to our participation growth, we also promoted a great cause and brought new associates together. I challenge you to find ways to bring your employees together with something outside of their day to day. Maybe it’s as simple as supporting a local food drive, donating school supplies or helping clean up your downtown? Whatever it is, internal give back campaigns are a great way to bring people together and spread positive energy. Plus, if you’re still not convinced, the stats don’t lie: happy employees are more productive employees.

So get out there and do something good! 🙂



Ashley Roedel is a Corporate Marketing Manager for Staples Promotional Products. She loves country music, is a wannabe chef, crazy dog mom and diehard Kansas Basketball fan. She enjoys developing creative marketing solutions and enjoys projects that force her to think outside the box. She strives to bring as much awareness to the business as possible and is very new to writing articles.