A shared vision gives your company a common goal.

Every organization is like a machine. Whether you’re a huge multi-national corporation or two-employee shop, each individual part is responsible for performing a specific function or functions that contribute to the overall goal. And the larger the company, the more complex the machine.

With so many individual moving parts, it is absolutely vital that everyone understands the importance of their role and how they fit into the larger picture. This is called a shared vision. American systems scientist and senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management describes it at its simplest level as the answer to the question “What do we want to create?”

It requires a capable leader and effective communication to change your organization from THE company to OUR company, but the benefits are huge.

A shared vision creates a common goal and sense of identity. It improves productivity and efficiency. It gives everyone a sense of purpose. And it helps your company perform at a level it otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve.

A good vision sets standards of excellence that reflect the organization’s ideals and integrity. By identifying your core values and purpose in a well-articulated and easily understood manner, it is the single most defining thing in your business’ culture and values.

That’s why a shared vision is so important to us at Staples Promotional Products. It lets us offer service, solutions and a network no one else in the industry can match. Each of our associates understands how valuable his or her job is, how it fits in the larger picture and how that benefits you, the customer. Just ask them, they’re happy to tell you.

Whether you’re need a quick turnaround on a massive order, a completely unique solution created from scratch, or a box of pens to giveaway at your next tradeshow, we’re excited to make it happen.