Why people love Shinola journals

The world may be evolving with technology, text messages, emails, and Google-searching. But nothing can replace the crisp and blank pages of a new journal. And that new-journal smell? There’s nothing like it! Sometimes a screen just can’t compare to the comfort of pen and paper. Plus, taking handwritten notes can be valuable. In the workplace, taking notes shows respect for the speaker, and keeping notes all in one place helps you remember important information and form new connections.

Shinola® Detroit Journals, which are quickly gaining popularity with journal-lovers everywhere, are a great way to arm your employees and staff with a trendy looking tool that will make them more productive every day. Shinola journals are made in a family-run printing business that has made journals and books since 1893. They believe that products should be well-made and built to last, and this can be clearly seen in their final product.

Each stitch, each page, each cover is made with care.

Each journal is assembled in Detroit—the bookmarks are hand-glued into the journals one-by-one and the journal edges are hand-sanded before they get their final quality check. These journals are truly made with a close attention to detail.

Shinola journals are gaining popularity with people of all ages. They come in a variety of sizes and eye-catching colors. Useful for school, for work, for home, for everything! The acid-free paper comes from sustainably managed forests, plus the archival-quality paper won’t feather or bleed. Each journal has a unique, linen texture, and options are available in both softcover and hardcover.

Best of all, you can customize Shinola journals and make them unique to your brand.

Add your business logo, your school mascot, or your company slogan. Show off your brand and share it with everyone that comes into contact with these personalized journals.

Whether writing notes during a meeting, doodling before class or at a conference, or keeping track of a grocery list, these custom journals will be well appreciated.

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