Promote Personalized Care with Custom Amenities

There’s been a huge push in the healthcare industry for providing personalized, quality care for your patients. It’s more important than ever that your patients know that to you they aren’t just patients – they’re people. As such, they’re demanding the personalized, people-centered care that you’ve instilled in all of your staff.
The patient experience happens in moments of care and concern, and most of them are simply the small things. Create positive experiences by providing products that promote comfort, recovery and overall wellness.

Pre-Visit Informational Items

First impressions matter. You can start building relationships with your patients before they’re even on the premises with promotional products specially designed to help educate and prepare them for their upcoming stay in your facility. Don’t just tell your patients you care about them. Show them with branded pre-visit informational items.

Patient-Centered Care

By providing branded merchandise that your clientele can use during their stay, you show them that they’re more to you than just patients. Branded merchandise that’s useful and memorable can increase client retention and appreciation. Giving your patients some of the little comforts of home for their stay will ensure positive experiences and increase brand recognition and impressions across the board.

Recovery Amenities

The little things really do make a big difference. Let your patients know that they don’t stop being important to you when they exit the premises. Branded recovery amenities are a simple and effective way to promote your brand, while also promoting a healthy recovery for your patients. Their health matters to you, and through branded merchandise you can drive this message home.

There’s no limit to the number of amenities you can offer your patients to encourage positive experiences. Contact your Staples Representative today to start exploring solutions for your brand.