An internship is the stepping stone to a student’s future.

As a student going into her senior year of college, let me be blunt with you – finding an internship can be tough. You go through months of hesitation and not knowing where/when/how to even apply. Then once you start the application process, you learn that applying isn’t actually the tough part… the wait of hearing back from the employer is what keeps you up at night.

You may find yourself wondering if there’s any way that this process could be easier. The end result of actually getting an internship is one of the most rewarding feelings; however, the steps to get there could be simplified in a few ways:

Improve University Networking

A university’s connection to an organization is a very important consideration. With a closer network of businesses, come more opportunities. A great way to promote stronger relations with local and city companies is to arrange student visits to the workplace. If it isn’t feasible to arrange a large group of students to visit, it would be just as beneficial to Skype a representative of said business into the classroom.  Any way that a student can put a name to a face is a great networking tactic.

Utilize Career Services

University advisors can prepare students in more ways than just providing career exhibitions each semester. Providing mock interviews is a great way to help a student become more comfortable in a professional setting. Students can also feel ready to succeed when they receive this portfolio folder. By giving them this organizer, they will look and feel like professionals. The impression a student leaves when interviewing is a direct reflection of how they’re prepared.

Give students an incentive for coming to your office for career advice. By offering them nice pens, résumé paper, or a university t-shirt, you will grab their attention and give them the resources they need.

Enhance Alumni Relations

The relationship kept between a university and its alumni is very important. When the opportunity for an internship becomes known at a company, an alumni may reach out to his/her alma mater to forward the information. Show appreciation for your alumni by sending them a gift basket, or checking up with them often.

Creating a Successful Internship Experience

A lot of preparation goes into applying for an internship, and students need to be instilled with confidence throughout the process. For more inspiration to help your students, visit or contact your Staples representative.