Everybody we know is looking for savings – at home and at work.

This presents tremendous opportunities for smart businesses. Promotional products are huge winners when it comes to having multiple impressions, creating goodwill and having a high perceived value. Still, stretching promotional dollars requires planning and smart decisions.

A couple of years ago some smart money people came up with a list of ways to stretch dollars. These included stopping mindless spending, looking for savings and putting money to work. Healthcare providers and construction professionals talk about value engineering as a means for getting the most out of their expenditures.

So let’s take a look at making an impact for less:

Set goals

Write down your goals and how you expect to meet those goals. Consider resources for meeting those goals. Count Staples experts as one of your resources.


Some of the worst decisions and highest costs come when a project sneaks up on us. These situations limit options. And, the options left are not the most cost effective.

Look at the year ahead

Months before a new business year starts, begin planning for the upcoming year. The lowest cost comes when there is enough time to schedule a product’s delivery (especially if it comes from overseas).

Order for the future

StaplesPromotionalProducts.com offers enticing specials every week. Get on the email list and when a product you’re interested in is offered – it’s a big score for you.

Or if you work with a Staples rep, reach out to them prior to your campaign to get the best pricing on specialty items. They can help you customize an item to fit your event perfectly.

Rethink your customers

Just as we change, so do our customers and their needs. Take time to consider what may be in the heads of those customers.

Buy in bulk

Most item pricing is quantity based, so placing a larger order lowers cost. Think about multiple occasions when the same promotional item can be used. If the quantity needed is especially large, your Staples representative can negotiate better than normal pricing for you.

Buy smart

The very best promotional products are items the recipient likes and finds useful. This is an ever changing climate, so it is wise to consult with a Staples pro about what you’ve done in the past, what you are seeing around you and what your goals and budget are.

Establish a theme

It isn’t always possible, but it is great when people begin recognizing your promotional products before they even see the logo. This can be done with color, with style, with a recurring series of items or some more subtle means. From products that support domestic production to items that give back to communities globally, there are many options to choose from.

The Benefit of a Quality Promotional Products Provider

Partnering with someone who can leverage the best brands in the business to develop your products can make a big difference for you. From better pricing to higher quality items, your provider’s network is crucial to your end product.

Also ensure that there are safeguards in place to make sure a logo is treated according to your direction. Talk to your Staples representative about the best products for your next promotion. Or visit StaplesPromotionalProducts.com to start generating ideas.