Sponsoring events is a great way to gain exposure.

No matter what industry you’re in, every marketer has a few shared goals: improved exposure, lead generation and creating positive brand impressions. Many of the things a marketer does each day is with one or more of these goals in mind. But what if there was a way to do all of these and more with just one project? It’s easy when you sponsor events.

Sponsoring events helps you stand out.

Whether you’re sponsoring a tradeshow or a baseball team, sponsorship helps you reach tons of people in one location. And if you’ve considered your sponsorship carefully, there’s a good chance many of them will be the people you wanted to target. Create eye-catching signs and displays and you can’t fail to be noticed.

Find new leads.

You’ve got their attention – now turn them into customers. Event sponsorship helps you find new leads, by helping them find you. Draw them in further with promotional giveaways like thumb drives, pens or giveaways for more expensive items.

Build your brand.

Sponsoring events is a great way to give people a taste of your company’s values and personality. Make sure you highlight your support with company colors and on-brand messaging. Consider sharing samples to give people the total experience of your brand.
Demonstrate credibility.

By sponsoring events, you’re telling people that you’re for real. You’re not some fly-by-night organization that’s here to make a quick buck, but an established player in the industry. It’s an understated way to show that you’re a major player (or fake it, if you’re not.)

Sponsorship sounds great. Now what?

Now that you’re convinced, it’s time to choose which sponsorship opportunity is right for you. You need to find the best value for your time and money. Here’s what you need to considered before choosing an event:

  • What is the event’s target market and how does that overlap with your business?
  • What kind of exposure can you get from it?
  • What kind of access will you get to the audience?
  • Does it make sense for you?

Each question should be carefully considered before you leap into a sponsorship opportunity, but with a little research, you’re sure to find a great event for your brand. And the benefits are simply too great to ignore.