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SPP Trends: USA Collection

05/28/2020 styles_trends

Get inspired by promotional items which instill a sense of patriotism with our 2021 Lifestyle Trend: USA Collection.


Products produced and assembled in America are appealing to the socially conscious consumer for a wide range of reasons. There is a great sense of patriotism and desire to help the US economy by providing jobs in America. That paired with increased efficiencies in production, small batch availability, plus flexibility in last minute requests makes the products even more desirable.


When considering design elements, there are a variety of materials and fabric which are traditionally developed and used in products manufactured in the USA. Using these materials helps in lowering the carbon footprint and reduces pollution in the process. Leather, cotton, metals and wood are great examples of these components and can be a good canvas for brand decoration.


Browse the latest items in our 2021 Lifestyle Trend: USA Collection.



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