Staples is Rio-Ready!

Every four years, I’m transfixed by something out of the ordinary. Hundreds of athletes from nearly every country gather together for an international spectacle of goodwill. Of course I’m talking about the Summer Olympic Games.

The Summer Games have created dozens of unforgettable moments. Everyone old enough to remember the Dream Team recalls them destroying the competition in Barcelona. Or Michael Phelps winning an unbelievable seven gold medals in Beijing. And who could forget the indomitable Florence Griffith-Joyner at the Seoul games?

The Olympic Games are an amazing event – athletes at the pinnacle of their respective sports performing with the eyes of the world upon them. But when you think of them, you probably don’t think about Staples. Well that’s all about to change. We’ve caught the Olympic spirit in a very big way and we’re going all out.

Team USA Olympic Volleyball

We support the team that supports Team USA.

You may not realize it, but the U.S. is the only country that doesn’t subsidize Olympic athletes. Instead, we rely on sponsors to provide our athletes with the opportunity to compete and support their dreams. And at Staples, we’re the team behind Team USA. We’re supplying over 20 million items of Team USA merchandise, everything from shirts and water bottles to notebooks and even a surfboard.

That’s a lot of swag!

Bloomberg ran a story on it, in which the reporter was surprised that Staples offers these kinds of products. But we weren’t! We’re the #1 promotional products supplier in the world. I take pride in my team’s support of Team USA, and I know every other Staples associate does too.

Our entire organization has Olympic fever.

When the games kick off on August 6, you’ll find Staples employees around the country showing off their patriotism and pride in Team USA. I know I will be.

Go USA! Go Staples! Go Olympians! Go Paralympians! Go for the gold!

Neil Ringel Neil Ringel is Executive Vice President for Staples Business Advantage in North America.