A closer look at industry attendance at the Legislative Education and Action Day

More than 80 individuals from Promotional Products Associate International (PPAI) including a representative of Staples Promotional Products traveled to Washington D.C. on April 26 to participate in over 250 meetings with members of Congress and their staff. The purpose of these meetings was to educate Congressional representatives about the effectiveness of promotional products and the strength of the industry in the United States. Promotional product advocates from across the country were there championing for our industry and how it supports and drives growth and opportunity for businesses across the United States.

Talking points brought up by these professionals included:

  • Proposed Border Adjustment Tax and the reality of a possible increase in cost per impression for those businesses that use promotional products
  • Support for the Promotional Product Industry
  • Preserve Deductibility of Advertising Expenditures
  • Support the Protecting Local Business Opportunity Act

Why Congress Should Care

A recent study showed that roughly $20 billion in promotional products are sold to businesses to be distributed to their employees, customers, shareholders and more. These promotional products spread awareness to key health, safety and other pertinent messages and causes, drive marketing goals, engage employees, introduce prospective customers to businesses and products and even help close sales.

Why You Should Care

PPAI is a trade organization for suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. They advocate not only for small to large sized businesses in the promotional products industry, but those same businesses served by the industry.

“The U.S. House tax reform proposal includes a recommendation to adopt a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT).” PPAI says, “The BAT poses a discriminatory tax on all imported products—including promotional products—and will hurt American consumers and the nation’s largest employers by increasing the cost of everyday products. This proposal would impose taxes on these products that will put many small businesses at risk.”

Promotional Products work. And according to PPAI, there is strong reason for Congress to support the promotional product industry. PPAI says,“Promotional products consist of any tangible item with an imprinted message and are one of the most effective, cost-efficient and longest-lasting media used by advertisers and marketers.” And branded merchandise is used by all types of industries, from healthcare to agriculture, non-profit and government to finance and insurance and countless more.

It Takes a Village

It’s no wonder that advocates across the country joined PPAI to attend the L.E.A.D. event. We’re passionate about what we do, because in the end, we know it does so much for your brand. We see the successes and excitement promotional products elicit.

We want Congress, and everyone, to know that while the power of promotional products may begin with a great partner, it doesn’t come close to stopping there. The event helped us achieve this. There is still work to do to continue reinforcing the message we were trying to drive with each member and their staff. But we are proud of the headway we made.

Learn more about the event online by following the PPAI L.E.A.D. initiative at:#PPAILEAD