Stripes are Everywhere

Stripes never really go out of style. At this point, some people even refer to stripes as neutrals. Well, I hope you’re ready because this trend is everywhere this year! And they are taking on every form you can imagine—skinny, thick, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and even some clashing stripes that zig zag every which way. Don’t think stripes are for you? Think again. They can be preppy, elegant, classy, and even sporty!


Classic to contrast

From classic, nautical-inspired stripes to mini pinstripes and everything in between, stripes are definitely on trend for 2017. They go with everything, so don’t be shy about adding them to your wardrobe. If you want a timeless look, there’s the standard black-and-white or navy-and-white combo. Or if you’re feeling bold, pull out the contrasting, colorful stripes! With so many possibilities and options out there, you’re sure to find something that works for your wardrobe.


Ladies can choose from striped accessories—scarves, shoes, tote bags, and so much more. Or try a striped dress, skirt, cardigan, or blouse. Let’s not forget about the men! After all, the stripe trend isn’t just for the ladies. From striped button-down shirts to a classic striped polo, stripes are adding a fresh look to menswear. Although men may not have as many striped options, there are still some trendy selections to choose from.


Striped Promotional Products

Add a fresh and trendy spin to your campaign with striped promotional products. Staples Promotional Products has an assortment of trendy striped apparel for your next event or promotion. With a variety of fun options to choose from, you’re sure to find eye-catching striped clothes that will get your brand noticed.


Keep your brand on trend this year with striped merchandise! See how you can incorporate stripes more in your brand designs by visiting, or speak with your Staples representative.