Study Abroad in Style with Promotional Products

The decision to study abroad in college is life changing, and incredibly rewarding. So many considerations go into the study abroad process – location, timing, and duration… just to name a few. Then, before you know it, the time has come to pack your suitcase. You have to find the perfect medium of packing everything you own, and bringing the bare minimum. Here are a few suggestions that may help you along the way.

The Necessities

No matter which country you’re traveling to, a universal travel adapter is a must-have. This outlet plug-in will definitely come in handy on more than one occasion. The more compatibility, the smoother the transition will be in your temporary home. (8103Q)

In addition to the suitcase(s) you fill up, it’s ideal to travel with an extra duffel bag. This carry on will help you keep track of your belongings. It’s the perfect size to pack in some extra toiletries, and maybe even some souvenirs for on your way back.

Cascade 17" Travel Duffel Bag - 817CG

One of the most important documents that you’ll take with you is your passport. Make sure you never lose track of it with this sleek vinyl passport holder.

Bradford Passport Holder - 80BRS

A big mistake you can make while traveling is living out of your suitcase the entire trip. If you have storage where you’re staying, you might as well make the most use out of it. The suitcase to closet transition is made easier with this travel set of hangers.

Bright Travels Clothes Hangers Travel Set - 8166V


The Extras

With all of the beautiful sights, and memories you’re going to get on camera – make sure that you don’t forget some amazing camera accessories. This telescopic selfie stick will be beneficial for all of those wide angle backgrounds you’re hoping to capture. In addition to the selfie stick, this attachable fisheye lens is perfect for adding an artsy angle to your photos.

Telescopic Selfie Stick - 8138HFisheye Lens with Clip - 81ACX

A personal comfort travel set is just what you need for the long flights, and layovers. Equipped with a sleep mask, head pillow, soft earplugs, and a fabric pouch for essentials, this compact kit contains everything you need for a relaxing trip overseas.

Personal Comfort Travel Kit - 801YY

A four-piece travel amenity kit is perfect for far away destinations. You shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing toiletries your first couple weeks abroad. By packing these 1 ounce bottles beforehand, you’ll be able to wash the airport smell out of your hair as soon as you land.

Four-Piece Travel Amenity Kit - 815SR


No matter the destination…

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