It’s one thing to hear the expression that everything comes back in style. It’s another to experience it. That’s where our story begins, as I found myself texting my mom the other day asking if she had any boxes of her old 90’s clothes that I could have.

 Style Cycling of the 90’s

Style cycling is the way I like to describe this phenomenon. Although you may scoff at some of the fashions of yesterday, if you keep any of your pieces for 10 years or more, odds are they’ll come right back in style, no matter how ridiculous they seemed in the years immediately following the trends.

Specifically, in today’s age I’m talking about the 90’s. Love it or hate it, the 90’s are back in a big way. From chokers to crushed velvet and even a new play on the grunge look, 90’s trends have made a massive comeback this year and show no signs of stopping.

 How Trends Style Cycle

These cycles of styles can range anywhere between 10 and 20 years before we see a style come back and can be and quite often are the least expected trends that you can remember from those times. It’s not an exact science and in fashion’s typical way it can often surprise you. I never thought I’d be approaching 2018 rocking a choker and a matching velour track suit (not at the same time…usually. Don’t judge me!), but alas, here I am.

So now when you’re walking the streets of your city and seeing silk-inspired dresses and bucket hats, you’ll know that you haven’t teleported back to the 90’s; this is just how trends and fashion work. And maybe you’ll even head to your local thrift shop and pick up that dress made entirely of denim or a pair of overalls.

Style Cycling through Promotional Products

How does this play into promo? Well, next time you’re ordering promotional merchandise for your team, it helps to keep these types of styles and trends in mind. Why? Because if you’re providing branded products that are on-trend, then they’re a lot more likely to actually be worn or used in and out of the office, garnering thousands more impressions for you.

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