Oct 2016

Sweet or Savory

The ultimate flavor battle – sweet or savory.

There exists a battle as old as time, two powerful forces vying for the souls of humanity. No, not the battle of good versus evil, something even more important – sweet or savory.

But what about you? Given a choice between a sweet snack or a savory one, which will you choose? The question itself is polarizing. People have very strong opinions one way or the other.  Cookies or chips?  Pretzels or candy? Cake or pizza? In the end, there can only be one.

The case for sweet.


It might be a chocolate bar, a fresh peach or a cookie, sweets are delicious. And it turns out they’re important for health too. No, really. Sugars are an important part of physiology, playing a role in brain function and the immune system.

And it’s more than just preference – it’s a trait passed down from our primate ancestors, who spent their days foraging the forest for sweet ripe fruits. Not only dothese fruits have vital sugars, but they also contain more water than unripe fruits. So the next time someone gives you the business about your sweet tooth, remind them humans wouldn’t be where we are without the taste for sugar.

The case for savory.

gourmet dried fruit and nut basket with custom card for sweet and savory lovers

Savory is generally defined as anything not sweet. Maybe you have a hankering for potato chips, maybe it’s nuts, or it could be something more substantial like a tray of nachos or plate of barbeque. Whatever it is, the pull of savory snacks is just as strong as that of sweet. And for just as important of a reason.

Savory snacks tend to have more salt than their sweet counterparts, and everyone knows salt is an important part of any diet.  In many cases, your craving for a savory snack could be a sign that your body is experiencing a salt deficiency. Or it could just be that you’re craving something delicious, and salt brings out the flavor in anything.

The best of both worlds.

If you still can’t decide, there is a third way, even if it is cheating a little – a combination of sweet and savory. Whether it’s chicken and waffles, a  combination sweet and savory gift box,  or chocolate-covered pretzels, sometimes the best choice isn’t one or the other, but both.

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