Guess what more than half of all U.S. consumers own? A logoed T-shirt!

Logo tees are the classic promotional product, offering big brand visibility in a form that basically everyone appreciates.

America’s love for promo tees is even growing. For its annual study of the power of promotional products, the Advertising Specialty Institute surveyed consumers to find out how many of them own branded tees.

The survey says: 58% of U.S. consumers possess a promo t-shirt. That’s up 10% from a previous year’s study.

Check your own closet. We bet there’s at least one logo tee hiding in there. How did it get there?

Every promo T-shirt has a story.

I’ve signed up for credit cards to get one. I’ve spent a little more at a favorite retailer to get a shirt with purchase. I’ve seen my friends attempt to eat crazy amounts or crazy spicy foods in order to get a free shirt. I’ve also bought and sold a lot of logo tees. Sometimes you just want to rep a brand (or band) you love, right?

According to ASI, women are a little more likely to have a promo t-shirt than men. However, at least half of U.S. adult consumers of any age own one. That statistic jumps to 60% for the folks age 55 and up.

Promotional t-shirts are especially popular in Rhode Island and California. But the study says they pack the most brand recall effect in the Midwest. In that region, 95% of consumers could recall the advertiser they got their shirt from.

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