Team spirit is the name of the game this fall.

Essentially, what is a team without their fans? No matter the sport or team, team spirit is key to the success of a good game. It’s time to break out the spirit jersey’s, and bottle coozies to support your favorite sport/team of choice.


Game Day Apparel

Ahh, the classic spirit jersey – this apparel item screams team spirit. In a variety of colors and unisex options, a spirit jersey is a perfect, comfy fit for any fan.

Alternative® Men's Vintage 50/50 Jersey Slapshot Tee 81DUN Boxercraft® Unisex Short Sleeve Pom Pom Jersey 81BZP

On game day, hair isn’t always a dedicated fan’s first concern. Promotional hats are ideal for those attendees who wants to show off their team logo, and wouldn’t mind the hat hair.


Tailgate Excitement

Most of the anticipation for games revolves around the pregame tailgate. There’s nothing quite like sitting out before a game with a group of friends barbecuing, and sharing a common interest around the sport. Identify which team you’re rooting for with these spirited accessories that you can put out during your tailgate.

Highlight your team logo at the tailgate, and on the drive there with a bright car flag. Your car and tailgate spot won’t go unnoticed –  and the presence of your favored team will increase pre-game enthusiasm. You can also bring team fans together with festive temporary tattoos. These skin-safe adhesives are sure to rally a crowd that’s ready for a win. Plus, they’re the perfect team spirit accessory for fans of all ages.

Another tailgate essential, is a team coozie. Keep your drink cold through the duration of the tailgate, and support your team at the same time.


When the weather gets rough

The start of fall can be a misleading example of what the rest of the season will hold weather-wise. Be prepared for harsher winds, and possibly a few snowflakes with touch-screen gloves. These are perfect for cold game days. You can keep your hands warm, while staying in touch with your friends at the game. The personalization of the gloves will add yet another team accessory that will showcase your spirit.


Keeping team spirit through the season

The best part about being a sports fan this time of the year, is broadcasting pride for your team. For more promotional products that showcase your team spirit, visit or speak with your Staples representative.