The Importance of All Educators

Showing gratitude is an important component of any organization. In schools, appreciation to teachers, district staff, support employees is critical. Each of these members creates opportunity for children to thrive and grow, help community members work closer with each other and children in the neighborhood and more. But appreciation for these members goes beyond just the staff and leadership, it extends out to clients and customers, which are the students, parents, donors, community members and beyond for schools.

Teacher Appreciation from Parents, Students and the Community

Teachers for all ages bear an enormous responsibility – taking care and fostering growth of the youth of our nation. Help show the appreciation parents, guardians, grandparents and the community have for teachers’ hard work through an easy to remember platform sponsored by your organization. Include items they can order on your Facebook page and website, place a catalog or awareness card at your front desk and offer reminders at annual school events and during appreciation days and weeks. Don’t forget to include a special category for substitute teachers as well.

Take a look at ideas teachers love

  • Made grading papers less hair raising with a stress reliever
  • Make lunch easier with a stylish lunch cooler
  • Make their sporting event attendance more comfortable with stadium seat cushions
  • Classroom gifts like a Ladies’ Quarter Zip Pullover or Men’s Half Zip Pullover with the school mascot on it will be well worn
  • Not too many teachers are able to leave the classroom full of kids unattended to grab a new water bottle. Help them stay hydrated with this large capacity water cup.

Appreciating the Entire Team

Teachers are crucial to our societies. But without their support teams they wouldn’t be able to do so much. Include options and ideas that encompass everyone that makes a school flourish, such as the paraprofessionals, administrative staff, the substitutes and the extra-curricular teams, the multimedia faculty and the volunteers. It takes a village to raise a child, and a school is the perfect example of just how robust that village is.

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