Shocking, I know.

Use team building to get your employees back to business after summer vacation.

When you first think of team building activities, your mind might automatically go towards a Michael Scott from The Office-esque place. While it’s hilarious to watch a fictional boss waste time and awkwardly force company activities on his employees, it’s probably not something that you’d want from your own boss. Understandably so.

But, team building activities, when used effectively, can help employees get focused and engaged with their work. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication and increases collaboration, among other benefits.

Team building activities also increase company culture, which we’ve already discussed as having a multitude of benefits, most namely in allowing your employees to destress, which can lessen absenteeism and overall health costs. All of this leads to higher productivity and overall wellbeing of all your employees.

Another benefit of team building exercises is the possibility of bringing out untapped strengths in your employees. You may be surprised to learn that quiet Angela from Accounting is actually a great leader. Or that Andy in Sales (I’ve been watching a lot of The Office lately, can you tell?) is adept at critical thinking. Learning your employees strengths, especially under pressure like that you might find in a team building exercise, benefits you as a company and them as an employee.


Which team building activity is right for you?

Team building exercises can vary greatly in style and length. You could take your employees out for the day to do something fun and challenging, like ziplining, rock climbing, escape rooms etc. Or engage in a more typical, on-site teamwork and problem-solving event. Any of these events will show your employees that you value them, bringing that mutual feeling of respect into the workplace. Do some research and choose the best activities for your individual teams.

Overall, team building activities can boost your employees’ creativity, communication and culture in the workplace.

So, this year, instead of sending out some mass email urging employees to stay focused and get back to the grind for fall, consider hosting a team building exercise or two to keep motivation up and rampant post-summer vacation blues down.