Rethink the way your brand is experienced with the 2016 Idea Book.

Redefine the way your brand is experienced with stylish and fun promotional products that defy convention. Innovative, surprising and memorable, the 2016 Idea Book showcases the latest trends in branded merchandise. Explore where they can take you – and your brand.

Re·in·vent – To change something so much that it appears to be entirely new.

We’ve taken a new approach to the Idea Book this year, because there’s so much more to branded merchandise than you might expect. It’s not just hats, pens and mugs; it’s new and unexpected trends and styles that will catch eyes and generate impressions.

The 2016 Idea Book is about creating memorable brand experiences.


It’s rustic products with a warm and natural beauty. Subtle variations in color mix with unpredictable patterns for a warm and comforting feel.


It’s classic styles that are always fashionable. Timeless items have a sophisticated elegance that never ages and always looks good.


It’s altruistic goods that give back and help those in need. Products from companies with a strong commitment to social responsibility help you both give and give back.


It’s active items for health and fitness. From marathoners to neighborhood dog walkers, veteran powerlifters to complete beginners, quality products will make any fitness goal attainable.


It’s adventurous gear for the thrill-seekers in your world. No trek is too extreme when you have the right products to take your brand along with them.

It’s Branded Merchandise Redefined. It’s the 2016 Idea BookSee it for yourself.