The executive experience demands exceptional recognition.

They’re the people who work hard and sacrifice. They bring passion and integrity to everything they do. Their vision and leadership help shape the future. Employees, business partners or leaders, they’re the people who make excellence the norm. That’s the executive experience.

And for the truly exceptional, ordinary simply won’t do. The 2016 Executive Guide showcases fun and memorable ways to recognize the people who do so much for your organization.

It’s not a job. The executive experience is a way of life

It’s technology to enhance reality and stimulate productivity. From fun gadgets like drones and turntables to the total home integration of the Amazon Echo, technology is always useful and desirable.

It’s travel products to give the road the comfort of home. Long flights are so much enjoyable with quality headphones. And navigating terminals is easier when you have luggage that’s light-weight, durable and security-friendly.

It’s business items that project confidence and experience. Stylish pens are a classy gift that will be used for years, while leather-bound business card cases always look amazing.

It’s outdoor gifts for the adventure-minded. Portable solar chargers keep important devices powered up anywhere the sun shines, while waterproof speakers provide the perfect soundtrack in any weather conditions.

It’s elegant home products that are useful and comforting. It’s sophisticated porcelain trays ideal for entertaining or a wine aerators for when you need to unwind.

It’s stylish fashion accessories that look and feel great. A unique watch is an always popular item and fair trade scarves look amazing and provide livelihood to third-world artisans.

There are so many people who are indispensable to your company. Show them how much you value everything they do. For even more ideas on how to recognize all the people who demand and expect exceptional performance, keep an eye out for the 2016 Executive Guide.