Vacuum insulator features

Amazing as it seems, it is now possible to pour a hot drink into a travel mug at 7 a.m. and it’ll still be hot on you commute home after a full day of work.

There are a number of mugs that will keep drinks hot for 12 hours and also keep drinks cold for 24 hours. They do this without any kind of powered heating or cooling system.

So, let’s take a dive into drink world

Single-minded cup designers once depended on the material used to retain heat. Single-wall ceramic does a decent job of that and they continue to be popular. You’ll also find many single-wall sport bottles and tumblers in a variety of materials. Single walls do cost less.

Double wall designs have extended the hot/cold to warm timetable. They have also solved the cold drink problem of condensation on the exterior wall.

The simplest double-wall designs use air as an insulating barrier. You will also find some with insulating foam between the walls. The newest trick is to put copper plating between the two interior walls. This creates a longer lasting thermal barrier – long enough for our commute, coming and going.

The newest technology will cost more, but is easily justified by being able to have your own or your favorite coffee shop’s brew drinkable for longer.

Finding the Right Item with the Right Features

At Staples Promotional Products and, this new technology has blossomed into a number of options based on the look and size you desire. Consider:

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