It is so easy to get caught up in trying to capture the latest trend and the newest hip products. This is as true in promotional products as anything else.

Traditional Trends to Appreciate

So, what if we traveled back 20 years. K-Product is one of Staples’ well-known ancestors. A look at K-Product’ general catalog for 1997 gives a clue as to what was popular then – and what may still have value today.

Ceramic coffee mugs

Travel mugs may rule the road, but there is great comfort in ceramic mugs for home or office.

Apothecary jar filled with candy

How often have you snitched candy from a popular co-worker’s desk? Yes, the candy holder is a person who embraces all who they meet and they create a pleasant atmosphere in the office. Reward them.


Whether for kids or for decoration, balloons have long added to the festivities. In countless colors and looks, they have come a long way since the ancient days of inflated pig bladders.

Flat magnets

It isn’t really a home unless the refrigerator has a substantial number of flat magnets holding up pictures and notes. Add a calendar and they are doubly useful.

Steak knives

A good set of steak knives makes a gathering of friends or family a little bit more relaxed. It can even save the day when the host has purchased a little lower cost cut of beef.


Whether there is a power outage, an unknown path, something you need in the back of the closet or something to help make funny faces on a campout – the flashlight is your device of choice.


These simple little circles and squares serve the very valuable purpose of making the host/spouse a happier person.

Mini first aid kits

From bandage strip dispensers to slightly expanded kits, there is nothing more valuable when everyone is running around in 10 different directions. Don’t leave bed without them.


Clock watchers unite. Time is on our side and so is the clock if we plan appropriately.

Stay on Trend, with Tradition and with New Styles

Not everything from our 1997 catalog is still a hit. You will find foam cups, calculators, super thick can coolers that look like barrels, apparel that will never be fashionable again, cigarette lighters and Spalding golf balls.

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