Products with cause related ties are becoming more important as consumers continue to be more socially minded.  

Many brands are finding ways to partner with charitable organizations and programs that make a difference in the world. Much more than price goes into the decision making process of purchasing cause related products. When buying items with charitable ties, customers get an item they want but also feel good about their contribution to a charitable organization. Branding these items with a business logo gives the consumer high opinions of that business and builds loyalty to the brand.



Commit your brand to giving back

Promote your brand, and make a difference in the lives of others. Helping others globally, but from the workplace has become increasingly more important to employees.

Employees believe that companies should try to achieve their business goals while improving society and the environment. Employees prefer to participate in a cause-marketing program if there is an explanation about the importance of the cause. Knowing where the contribution will go and the difference consumers will make is an essential aspect of promoting the brands.

Many brands are available that can be decorated with a brand logo that commits to giving back.  Some of the causes are as follows; providing sustainable livelihoods, job opportunities for those with barriers to employment, clean water and facilities, art programs, as well as education and development. These are just some of the give-back programs that our vendors work with.



A few of the brands we partner with to bring you incredible cause related opportunities:

Helping Hands Partners (HHP) is a non-profit corporation that offers unique, high-quality, socially responsible products that are hand made by their partners. Many of their partners offer products that are produced by individuals that are working to overcome barriers to employments and self-sufficiency.  Through this work HHP and their partners have provided clean water, indoor plumbing, disaster relief, safe and clean work environments, and school scholarships to those in need.

Denik stands behind their motto that “Art can change the world”.  They have a large assortment of journals and notebooks that support a variety of organizations and artists.  Each of these journals and notebooks features trend-right art that is exciting and fresh. And a portion of each product sold goes towards building schools worldwide.

Miir has their Product to Project™ where every product they make funds a trackable giving project.   Each of the products comes with a Give Code™ that can be entered into their site and you are able to see what you have supported with your purchase.  These projects range from providing clean water, clean toilets, hygiene education, building wells where water is needed, installation of clean water systems, and more. 5% of their revenue is dedicated to these trackable projects.