Living a comfortable yet sophisticated life in a fast pace environment is the essence of City Chic.

Eye-catching layers of clothing give a great upscale look without extravagance. While strolling the busy avenues and boulevards of the city you can incorporate utility into fashion and be prepared for where the metro leads you. There are many options in promotional products that can add chic apparel layers and a fresh approach to brand promotional while maintaining the spirit of the trend. Inspirational styles can be found at the end of this post.

City chic represents refined style with modern conveniences.

Part of city living is spending time in transport. Listening to music or podcasts, taking phone calls, checking social media or watching videos are all great ways to relax and be in your own environment while commuting. Extra power from a portable charger is a great device to keep fully charged and never miss a call or video. They are also many excellent options in headphones and earbuds to create a personal portable sound system that make amazing canvases to promote your brand. There is great opportunity for brand impressions on these devices with so many other passengers traveling together. See some options below for reference.

Even in the city it is very important to always be prepared.

Sometimes getting home in time for dinner can be a struggle, having snacks in your bag can be very helpful and there are many products that can be branded with a company logo. And sometimes the weather can change quickly and an umbrella is needed. Umbrellas are an eye-catching way to get a brand message across. Carrying these snacks and umbrellas is made easier with a great tote, and that tote makes an amazing layering piece for the City Chic trend.

Whatever your fashion style, we have many options that can be customized with a brand logo. Check with your Staples representative for additional City Chic options.

Layering styles:


Be Prepared: