Stitch, please!

This Trend Tuesday we’re talking the micro trend that’s been sweeping the nation: embroidery. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, odds are you’ve seen some variation of this trend pop up in clothing pieces and accessories near you, and it’s easy to see why.

The embroidery trend started popping back up in Spring 2017 lineups and shows no signs of stopping. We’ve been seeing upgraded staple pieces, particularly chambray and military-green materials, with detailed stitching and oversized patterns ever since, and it hasn’t stopped there. Now, we’re seeing embroidery everywhere, from jean jackets to leather pants and skirts and even on accessories like purses and shoes.

While the origins of embroidery can be traced back to Ancient China, modern day variations aren’t used to distinguish royalty as they were back in the day. Mostly, the trend is used to create tension between the toughness of the fabrics and the intricacy of the designs, and to upgrade any piece with details in every stitch.

We’re even seeing retail stores dedicated solely to embroidery, furthering the availability of embroidered pieces to one’s everyday wardrobe. This style really speaks to millennials and Gen Zers, as even if they can’t afford the more expensive pieces, they all have a do-it-yourself feel that makes the look attainable at any price point.

As there’s been such a jump in embroidered pieces seen on the runway from designers like OFF-WHITE, Gucci and Raf Simons, products featuring embroidery or patches have a high perceived-value from clients. Placing your branding in conjunction with a beautifully embroidered piece will no doubt increase brand recognition and value in the eyes of your desired audience.

Plus, it’s chic as hell.

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Inspiration and information provided by Jacob Bagby.