In today’s modern world we are constantly interconnected and want to have everything at our fingertips.

Being interconnected makes it easier to connect quickly. With everything at the palm of your hand, you can be online and available so that you can conduct business, keep up with your family, and even check in on the family pets. There are many products available that make lives easier and exciting to link up to the rest of the world.


When you’re home, staying connected and charged up has never been easier. 

Many of the new products available make connecting fun. You can now change the temperature of your home remotely through thermostats that are connected to an app on your phone. You can watch the delivery of packages and your kids returning home through the use of WiFi cameras. Coming home is so much easier with the ability to wirelessly charge your devices through the use of charging pads. An added bonus is that many of the products listed here can be branded with a logo.


Voice commands and one-touch buttons are interconnected modern conveniences that simplify life.

There are many times when an extra set of hands would be useful so there have been some amazing new design objects in technology that can help with this need. Apple’s Siri has been a long time go-to for answering questions, using voice recognition, and connecting. The Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Dot have taken things to the next level by being capable of additional tasks via voice commands. These commands range from changing music, light levels, checking the weather, and of course ordering products. The Amazon Dash Button is another item that can place reorders of some of your favorite products at the press of a button when connected to WiFi. More virtual personal assistants are being developed and designed. It will interesting to watch what the future capabilities will be.



Promotional products can help you remain interconnected.

Whether you need wireless charging, remote temperature control, or charging on the go – promo products are here for you. Being connected in a constant stream and always available is the new norm for living, making life more convenient. Sometimes our busy lives require us to be available at all times, but keeping charged can be difficult; portable power bank chargers are a great solution to this problem. Power banks provide the extra power to get you through that flight, drive, or ride home and never miss a call or meeting. Plug in your device, get the energy surge you need, and remain connected.

To keep yourself connected, check out some of the products we have listed here. You can also contact your Staples representative for questions and more ideas.

For charging:

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad - 819CL


Portable Charger


UL-Listed Air Portable Charger (81CNK)

For capturing:

360 Wifi Action Camera

360 WiFi Action Camera - 81C4J

Home WiFi Camera

HD 720p Home WiFi Camera - 81CW7

For listening:

Bluetooth Speakers


Addi Bluetooth® Speaker - 80P5C

Bluetooth Headphones

Wrapsody Bluetooth® Headphones - 81CSA