It’s that time of week again and this week we’re talking about a trend that’s been rocking our world since earlier this year: edgy details.


Adding edgy details has been seen from runways to sidewalks since late 2016 and let’s just say we’re totally on the highway to hell with this one and we’re not exiting for quite some time.


These rocker vibes can be added to pieces in several different variations. Metal grommets are huge right now, particularly along necklines and sleeves. Add in a lace up element and now we’re really talking. In addition to metal, velvet is an important fabric for this grunge-inspired trend. And don’t forget darker colors. We’re seeing a resurgence in monochromatic outfits (particularly in black) emerging as a look for fall 2017. Think leather and dark, distressed denim and you’ll be on the right track.


In addition, adding patches or embroidery to accessories and even staple pieces plays into this trend. Patches provide a touch of instant cool and eclectic to any ordinary denim or otherwise plain piece.


We’re particularly loving adding darker colors and metal to lighter, more feminine fabrics, adding an immediate tension and juxtaposition to any outfit. Perfect for streetwear or workwear, the rock royalty trend can be worked into any look to create that trendy, edgy vibe you’re looking for.


If you don’t think edgy details can be incorporated into your look, remember that they’re just details, making this trend easy to adapt for any style. Whether it’s a lace up detail on the sleeve of a top or a pair of velvet loafers, this trend can be worked into almost any outfit.


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