White Sneakers are a fresh and fashionable choice for spring.

White sneakers have been a popular footwear trend for the past few fashion seasons, finding ways to bring this trend to your product offering is made easier with our promotional products resources. And sneakers are very versatile since they can be worn in different styles and versions by all generations.

There are many versions of white sneakers, some more classic than others.

The Adidas Stan Smith sneaker has seen much exposure through many recent fashion cycles. It has been around since 1964, with more than 44 million pairs being sold, according to Adidas.  Many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers wore them in their younger years with Millennials and Gen Z picking them up in their current fashion cycle. After a short hiatus, they slowly gained popularity the past few years with a reintroduction being made at a Celine runway show. Post runway show they were continually in publicity photos of celebrities and in the media. There are new styles and exclusive versions frequently added and at least a pair or two can be found in most trend forward closets.

Converse makes two classic white sneaker styles, the Jack Purcell and the Chuck Taylor All Stars. Jack Purcell was a world badminton champion who designed a canvas and rubber sneaker for more support and protection on the courts. This vintage style was originally made in white canvas with a signature blue smile across the rubber toe, giving them the nicknames of “Blue Tips’ or “Smilies”.  The Chuck Taylor All-Star has remained almost unchanged from their introduction, originally designed and developed to be worn for basketball and now we all know them now as a true telltale sign of a cool kid. “Chucks” as they are commonly referred to can be found in a variety of colors and materials and most recently they have introduced a more comfortable style with extra cushion in the sole.

Chuck Taylor All Star Converse white sneakers

New styles of white sneakers are launched and promoted on a regular basis.

Everyone knows or has a sneaker enthusiast in their life. Staying on top of the latest sneaker trends and styles can be a full time job, with new styles being continuously released. Some style details and recent brands that have received a lot of media attention have been Common Projects, the Yeezy Boost line by Adidas, and Dad Sneakers. Each of these types of shoes has their own special draw by consumers.

Common Projects are considered a luxury sneaker, the only branding is a 10 digit number that is stamped into each pair, representing the style’s number. There are worn quite often by the fashion elite and true sneaker aficionado. The Yeezy Boost line by Adidas has created a media and consumer frenzy. Each style has a limited number of pairs released and fanatics have been known to wait on line to score a pair, some to turn around and resell for an amazing profit. And one of the latest trends in shoes is the Dad Sneakers, a throwback styling that is reminiscent of the original Nike Air Monarch and the Reebok Princess Classic. Whatever your personal style there is a white sneaker out there for you.

White sneakers can be a great base for the promotion of your brand and logo.

Whatever your fashion style, we have several options that can be customized with your own logo. Check with your Staples representative for options in customizing sneakers.