Golf Brands that are proven winners.

When you think about golf, what do you envision? You’re probably thinking of beautiful tree-lined course, the rough texture of a leather glove on your hand and the beautifully satisfying ping of a driver making solid contact with the ball. Now take a closer look.

Down the fairway there’s another group of golfers. What are they wearing? Can you make out the brands on their bags?

The golf glove, what does it truly feel like? Can you smell the leather?  What logo stares back at you when you grip a club?

And the driver, who makes the club? And what kind of ball is it hitting?

If you’re like most people, you probably answered these questions with some of the top names in golf: Nike, Callaway, Foot Joy and Titleist. This is because golf, like most things, has its hallmark brands.  But what makes these brands so synonymous with the game? What makes some golf brands an iconic part of the game?

A lot of it has to do with reputation. Take Callaway, for example. In 1991, then relatively unknown, Callaway launched a new driver that was a radical departure from older clubs. Made entirely of stainless steel with an oversized head, this driver was known as the Big Bertha. For many golfers, it only took one tee shot with this soon-to-be legendary club to see the difference it could make.

It took the market by storm, and Callaway has capitalized on this momentum to propel itself to the forefront of the golfing world by releasing a series of high-quality clubs. They built their reputation on excellence, and they maintained it by living up to that reputation.

Another example of a golf brand that’s imbedded itself in the fabric of the game is Titleist. At first glance, a golf outsider might assume a ball is a ball is a ball. And why not? They’re all just dimpled casing around a rubber core, how much difference could there really be? Judging by the number of professional golfers using Titleists as their ball of choice, apparently there is a lot.

Titleist prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of golf technology and each ball is advance engineered to provide maximum distance, feel and consistent flight. And while there are probably several other balls on the market who can make similar claims, Titleist remains king. Why? Because it has demonstrated its quality over time and built a well-deserved reputation.

When it comes right down to it, iconic golf brands have earned their reputations through quality, creating experiences and making themselves part of the fabric of the game.