Students and the value of technology.

Remember when your teachers told you that you needed to know long division and multiplication because you wouldn’t always have a calculator in your pocket? Smartphones have proven that wrong, haven’t they? Knowing the basics and being able to think conceptually are still important, but the fact is technology has drastically changed the learning experience. And the value of technology for students is bigger than ever.

Technology makes learning more fun.

Kids today are part of a video game generation. They not only want to hear or watch stories – they want to be part of it. Using tech like tablets or electronic games in the classroom makes any more compelling.  And that makes school more fun, which in turn leads to improved attendance and increase enthusiasm.

Keep interest high with music or game sound delivered through retractable earbuds.

Tech improves retention rates.

According to studies, there seems to be a correlation between information retention and technology.  In one case, 89% of second graders were able to remember more facts about an animal after completing a Power Point project on it. New tech provides tools for visualizing and modeling that might otherwise be more difficult for some students. This is especially beneficial in science, providing a graphic learning aid.

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Technology connects with students.

Chance are, your students are already using technology quite a bit in their personal lives. Whether it’s SnapChat, Instagram or something else, kids are using smartphones, tablets and computers to connect with each other. By providing lessons that take advantage of the latest electronic devices to teach, you’re connecting with your students in a manner they’re already comfortable with.

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Technology prepares students for the future.

It’s a tech-friendly world out there. By using technology-based learning in the classroom, students develop skills that will benefit them in the future. High tech gadgets help them learn skills like problem solving, communicating in different forms, productivity and collaboration.

It also makes it easy to take their new knowledge on with them, through things like rotating flash drives.

Technology has changed how students learn. Encourage them to keep growing with tech gifts that enhance the educational experience.