The Walking Meeting Trend

For years sales and managers have conducted meetings in traditional office settings, and depending on the topic and occasion, bring food along with their presentations and visuals. As we become more focused on our health and wellness as a society, new trends have popped up. The latest has been the walking meeting.

An Australian restaurateur encourages employees and mentors to take their meeting from office-centered to active-centered. This could be anything from taking the team on a walk around the campus (even inside if necessary) and beyond.

Just because it’s trending, does it make sense for your organization?

In the end, it may come down to your location, the attendees, the topic and more. But, if your evaluations lead you to even a “maybe” there are a lot of benefits of encouraging this kind of activity.

How can your brand invest in this opportunity?

When the gang does hit the road, help them use their time wisely. From having the ability to track next steps to representing your organization. Here are some tools we recommend to make these meetings even more effective:

Capture Notes

If a smart pen isn’t in the budget, select an individual to set up the voice record option on their phone and capture only the most important commentary.

Of course, there is always the alternative of having someone jot down a few handwritten notes. But this might be easier to do as a follow up from the meeting.

Keep Them Comfortable

Outfit the teams with something to keep them comfortable and protect them from the elements. From light jackets and windbreakers, caps and hats and sunscreen.

Umbrellas are always good to have stockpiled in the office. You can walk a client out to their car and keep them dry, give to staff who hit the road for a quick walk or an active meeting and more.

Water bottles are essential to have on hand, especially considering we are a society of dehydrated individuals.

Don’t stop there

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