Sep 2016

Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech in the Workplace

The future has arrived and wearable tech is changing the way work is done. From smart watches to heart rate monitors,  glasses with optical displays to allergen-detecting devices, everything is becoming computerized, providing incredible opportunities to enhance life and make employees more productive. And it’s is a great opportunity for your brand too!

Here’s what Gabe Grifoni of Rufus Labs had to say on the matter in an interview with ASI:

Wearable tech means better health.

This is possibly the area where wearable technology has gained the most ground. Healthy employees are good employees, and it’s easier than ever to track exercise and nutrition with things like pedometers and heart rate monitors.

Wearable tech, whether subconsciously or overtly, encourages people to get up and get moving. And that means better overall health, which translates into better workers and lower healthcare premiums.

Wearable tech means efficiency.

A study from Rackhouse found employees with wearable technology were 8.5% more productive than their non-plugged in colleagues.  And why wouldn’t they be?

Wearable technology allows for things like movement tracking and redirection within buildings to help warehouse workers pull items more efficiently.

And this is just the beginning. Wearable technology allows people to gather data, providing valuable information on where time is spent and how it can be optimized.

Wearable tech means safety.

One of the key benefits of wearable technology is an increase in safety.  And it’s not just heart-rate and fatigue monitors either.

In manufacturing environments, wearable tech presents many opportunities to improve safety and reduce accidents. A wearable device can alert employees on the floor of passing forklifts or machinery they may not otherwise be alert to.

People suffering from allergies are now able to avoid the things that trigger them with things like allergy amulets, or even contact lenses that give them notification when levels reach a certain amount.  And that hopefully means fewer reactions and healthier lives.

Wearable technology is the future. What better way to spread the message of your brand, generate exposure and make your workplace better overall than with wearable tech?