How wearable technology promotional products will affect you.

Augmented reality. Better living through technology. These are no longer phrases from Science Fiction books, but are legitimate reality. But as wearable technology becomes more and more commonplace, it’s causing new issues. How will it affect your industry? Let’s take a look.

Wearable technology on the job.

It started with pedometers to promote wellness. Then there were the short-lived Google glasses. Now we’re seeing things like heated jackets that keep you warm and allow you to charge your phone at the same time. Technology is taking over every aspect of our lives.

Here’s how it’s likely to impact your workplace:

Reducing healthcare costs

 – With  healthcare costs on the rise, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on premiums. One way to do this is by encouraging a healthier workforce. Wearable technology can be used to track activity, record caloric intake and promote overall activity. Some companies are already providing their staff with activity trackers with smart notifications that encourage them to get moving or drink enough water.

Maximizing efficiency

– The key to an efficient workplace is keeping everyone on track. Wearable technology allows warehouses and manufacturing centers to monitor physical movement, so they can be sure everyone is acting with maximum efficiency. Additionally, this creates added safety as people can be alerted to heavy machinery or dangerous materials and safely re-routed.

Cutting down on clutter

– Even though most corporations have joined the 21st century and ditched desktop computers for tablets and laptops, those can still be a hassle to lug around, especially in warehouse or industrial settings. Devices like smart watches or smart glasses allow people to access emails, set reminders, scan inventory and more without clunky hardware.

While there are concerns with wearable technology to many, overall the improvements they offer are simply too beneficial to ignore. Expect it to become an important part of every workplace in the very near future.

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