Wedding Celebrations Never End

Just when you think the tough stuff is over after the wedding celebrations end, there’s still more to do. Just a few final things, and then you can look forward to anniversary celebrations for decades to come!

First thing’s first: Get those thank you notes out to guests and vendors. Traditionally newlyweds have about a month after returning from the honeymoon to get them out to everyone. So pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink in one of your customized wedding flutes, rock glasses or sports bottle from the stag party. (It’s always important to stay hydrated.) Now, get comfortable and ready to craft some personalized thank you cards.

Make the memories truly personal

While you should add a note of personalization to each of your guests, to show them your gratitude for their attendance and their gift, there are some who maybe stand apart from the rest. Of course your immediate family should receive the most love and appreciation, don’t forget about the wedding party who probably endured hours of planning and help as well. For those who went above and beyond for your big day, consider sending a special plaque or commemorative gift. It can feature your wedding details, and include a sentiment that will bring a tear to their eyes.

Don’t forget about your guests as the years progress. They’ll love to see updates as you build your family through holiday cards, moving announcements, new baby announcements and more. Relive your big day on your first anniversary (while enjoying cake) by giving all those close to you “1st anniversary” versions of your original guest gifts. The candle favor from the reception, or your favorite candy.

We know the post-wedding blues often sets in, but use those organizational skills you learned from planning the wedding to organize another party. Christen the new barware Aunt Edna gifted you. Throw a name change bash complete with pens, pretty nautical totes, and luggage tags as you embark on your maiden voyage with your new name!

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