Financial Promotions Can Power Your Network

Money might talk, but promotions are the true power broker of the finance world. While the financial sector limited spending during the recession, the financial market post-recession is doubling down on promotional products as a creative way of attracting new customers, stay on pace with your competitors by planning now and getting started with your next season of promotions for your financial business.

Between credit unions, private banks and investment companies, the financial sector is the third-biggest buyer of promotional products with sales of more than $2 billion annually.

Financial institutions are always looking to increase brand awareness, so promotional products that lend themselves to daily use are hot commodities, and these product ideas are right on the money.

1. Tech Products

Consumers are keen on keeping track of their financial investments. Therefore, those who safeguard those stakes must always remain connected to your customers not only through statements and reports but also tried-and-true conversations and exchanges. Invest in power banks, mobile device pockets and USB hubs, so potential customers will know that their money is in the right hands.

2. Themed Gifts

Whether you’re a credit union introducing a promotion or a bank hosting a community event, finance-themed gifts are always a good choice. Customers love branded piggy banks, logoed journals or even dollar-sign stress relievers. These products are great ways to keep your name top-of-mind with new and existing customers.

3. Drinkware

Drinkware remains a top-selling product for the financial world because it can be used in so many ways. From branded coffee mugs to reusable sport bottles, drinkware promotes brand awareness everywhere current and prospective clients go.

4. Pens

Writing instruments continue to reign supreme in the financial sector. Whether signing checks or closing an investment, customers always need great pens, and wouldn’t it be great if the one they used for all these important moments displayed your logo? 

The Trend

In response to an uptick in mobile transactions, financial institutions are betting big on tech-themed promotions. Banks with less than $5 billion in assets spent the largest share of their promotional budgets (32%) on giveaway items, according to the American Bankers Association Bank Marketing Survey Report. Which means it’s up to you to stay on top of your competition. Visit and get inspired with items to fit your budget and make you stand out in the crowd.