Who are they?

Who are millennial customers? And what, exactly, do they want? Businesses everywhere have posed these questions and brainstormed ad nauseam, as millennials continues to dictate trends and spending habits. According to Accenture, the roughly 80 million millennials in the U.S. spend approximately $600 billion on shopping. Doesn’t that seem like a number your business wants to be a part of?


Millennials are worth the challenge.

Predicting what millennials want can be a challenge for businesses. Millennial customers gravitate toward individuality, all-around wellness, adventure and, most of all, inspiration. They are always looking for ways to spark inspiration and drive personal growth. If your clients want to engage them, suggesting these promo ideas can allow their business to reap the benefits of this generation’s million-dollar spending habits:

Tech Accessories

It’s no secret that millennials value their smartphones and laptops above almost everything else. They increasingly rely on them for business and social obligations, so if your client provides products that maximize their devices’ potential, you’ll be a promo hero. Tech ideas include Bluetooth® headphones and earbuds, USB hubs and power banks.


Millennials are always on the go. Most of their days are spent dashing back and forth from the office, to the coffee house, to the gym and, finally, to their group hangouts centered around Netflix binge-watching. They love products that move with them, and reusable drinkware is a generational favorite. Suggest your clients use branded drinkware promotions and millennials will give their message exposure wherever they go.

Health and Wellness Items

Millennials are lacing up their running shoes, toting around yoga mats and visiting the smoothie bar. They love health-related items, like workout gear, fitness trackers and hand sanitizers, because they enable them to reach their health goals. Take advantage of this trend and millennials will appreciate your brand’s placing importance on their well-being, thus becoming loyal customers.


The logoed T-shirt is enjoying a resurgence among millennial consumers. From concert tees to charity 5K shirts, they love wearing unique apparel that showcases their interests. Apparel is a tried-and-true product idea among millennials, and a great opportunity to take advantage of a walking promotion for your business.


The Trend

Millennials have become such vital contributors to the retail sector that within three years, they will collectively spend $1.4 trillion annually and account for 30 percent of total retail transactions. They have come to dominate discussions concerning how to market products, notably technology, with 87 percent of them constantly keeping their mobile devices by their sides, according to Zogby Analytics. Gaining favor with the millennial sector may be a challenge, but it’s a challenge that will pay off in spades.

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