Do you want some cheese with that wine?

It’s a bit of a cultural cliché (though a good one) – don’t show up to a party empty-handed. At the very least, you should bring a bottle of wine as a gift for the host. But as professional gifts, the idea of giving alcohol can be a bit troublesome.  There are a lot of people who for health, cultural or personal preference reasons don’t drink. But don’t fret – wine and cheese items are a great gift even for non-drinkers.

Blomus Vino Wine Rack

– Wait, you’re probably thinking, what else can a wine rack be used for besides holding bottles of wine? Just use your imagination. This stylish and modern rack is a useful work of art that looks just as beautiful holding olive oil or juice bottles as it does your favorite wines.

Cheese Boards from Areawear

– Handsome and useful, these cheeseboards will make a splash at your next dinner party or social gathering. Stack them with a selection of your favorite cheeses, olives or just about anything else you want to display elegantly.

Magisso Cool-ID Glass Set

– Whatever your beverage of choice, these innovative glasses let you cool it down in minutes with nothing more than running water. They’re a perfect solution for cool drinks on hot days. Plus they’re really cool.

Handblown Glass Wine Stoppers – Handblown glass is always elegant and beautiful. Each of these stoppers is one-of-a-kind, and is the perfect way to keep any bottle sealed and its contents fresh.

This is just a small sampling of the many amazing wine and cheese related products Staples offers. They’re a great way to show associates, leaders and business partners, just how much they mean to you and your organization.

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