Baby, it’s cold outside – a winter survival guide.

Brrrr! Do you feel that cold wind blowing? No doubt about it, summer is long gone and winter is on its way.  And while you may be looking forward to snowmen and hot cocoa, you’re probably not looking forward to scraping ice off your car windows and shivering in sub-zero temperatures.  Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a winter survival guide.

Dress in layers

The key to keeping your core temperature high is to dress in layers.  The space between clothes creates pockets of warm air that keep you warm and toasty. When it’s really cold outside, wear something like a quarter-zip fleece over your clothes but under your coat for some extra insulation.

Keep your extremities warm

There’s a reason why frostbit effects fingers, toes, ears and the nose first – they’re further from your core and require more work to stay warm.  Keep your digits protected and still use your smartphone with stylish winter-lined gloves. Or keep heat from escaping out the top with a winter beanie that both looks cool and fights the cold.

Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle

The worst thing you can do in icy weather is get caught outside unprepared. Make sure you  have everything you need for survival in your car in case you get caught in a bad situation. A small shovel is always helpful, and you can’t overlook the importance of a winter weather kit with a blanket, hand warmers and lots of other useful items.

Warm up inside

The very best way to stay warm when winter is biting is to stay inside. But even inside, the chill might find you. Fight it off with a mug of your favorite hot beverage. Or snuggle up with a loved one under a fleece blanket. It’s a great way to enjoy all the best parts of winter without the chill.