Promo t-shirts that fit live up to their potential.

T-shirts are probably the most well-known and frequently used promo items on the market. They’re great for promotions and team uniforms because they’ll be used long after the fact. Branded t-shirts make an average of 2,450 brand impressions each in the United States. A great custom t-shirt acts as an ambassador to your brand.

Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of exclusively ordering men’s and unisex tees to hand out at events. They reason that “unisex” will cover both men and women—or they simply don’t see that it’s worthwhile to order ladies tees. Unless their demographics are predominantly male, this decision sabotages their marketing campaigns. Here’s why:


While some women are perfectly happy to wear unisex or men’s tees, the majority simply can’t stand them. Men’s sizes dwarf petite women, making them appear unkempt or even childlike. Women with larger busts find straight cuts particularly unflattering and boxy. Pear shaped women have problems with unisex shirts pulling tight at their hips and making their waists disappear.

Needless to say, most of your company’s female fans will NOT be wearing branded unisex/men’s promo shirts in public. Instead of being worn with pride (and living up to their amazing advertising potential), your company’s unisex and men’s shirts could be donated, thrown away, or worn exclusively at home—probably for yard work or exercise.

When you offer ladies’ sizes and cuts, you show that your company cares about its entire audience.

Quality fitted shirts communicate that you value the women who buy your stuff or use your services. By giving away promotional items that they’ll enjoy using, you encourage your female fans to become brand advocates.

Around here, we enjoy discussing the messages behind particular promotional items. Think about it: A nice looking ladies shirt shows women that your company is literally a good fit. Remember this important truth at your next trade show, charity event, or convention. The ladies will thank you.

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