Natural wood adds unexpected beauty to everyday products.

Today’s top designers are interested in creating products from materials that bring us back to our roots. Earthy tones, textures and more have taken over everything from apparel and textiles to flooring, wall hangings and even influencing everyday products like pens, dining ware, cups and so much more. That’s why we’re continuing to see so many accessories made of wood this season.

Natural Wood Meets Fashion

Natural Wood Grain Still Stuns
Using wood materials to create products has been around for decades, if not centuries. The infamous wood nickles of the ’20s, the well-loved wood paneling of National Lampoons’ famous station wagon are just two examples. While they may not be revered today as they were back in their heyday, the trend always returns. And today, it brings with it a touch of class and modernity that appeals to a very wide demographic.

The wood fashion trend started with shoes—wooden soles and platforms—and soon became popular in jewelry and eyewear. Next, we began to see natural wood versions of many tech accessories like phone cases and earbuds. And finally this trend proliferated until it was everywhere. We now have coffee mugs and water bottles, notebooks, sunglasses and so much more.

Consumers love products that reflect their love and appreciation for the environment. Plus, the natural beauty of wood takes an ordinary item and makes it simple, yet stunning. Wood grain adds uniqueness to mass-produced products, which is a high priority for younger demographics. Think about it: Every piece of wood has subtle differentiations in pattern and color that make it totally individual. Unlike fashion trends that come and go, the wood grain trend is here to stay. Wood imparts a timeless quality that won’t soon go out of style.

Natural Wood Can Work for You

Looking for contemporary natural wood products to promote your business? Contact your Staples representative or visit for more ideas and inspiration. Not sure if wood grain makes sense for your brand? Read up on other trends such as denim, linen and the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year.