The Past, Present and Future of the Activewear Trend

For the past several years we have all seen, and probably been a part of, the growing trend of activewear. And even more recently, we have seen activewear move from weekends and evenings to casual office days, to even day-to-day office apparel. But is the common use of athletic wear on the decline? It has been trending for multiple years and based on the typical bell cycle of trends, it would seem like this style would be on its way out.

How Does a Trend Lifecycle Work?

At one time, the trend cycle was more scientific and anticipated. Trend watchers would anticipate a revival of styles every 10-20ish years. But, with social media and the internet changing the landscape, styles and trends from any generation at any time can be seen as fashionable, and many times within one look or several looks throughout a person’s weekly wardrobe.

Is Activewear on the Decline?

So far, we would disagree that the trend is on the decline, and we’re not alone. People continue to maintain extremely busy lifestyles, and the more integrated and seamless they can approach one task to the next, the better. On top of that, the ability to pull off high-end looking athletic wear is much easier today. But what may be changing the trend is how high-cost brands are declining their growth in the market while fast-fashion is picking it up at a rapid pace. And with that opportunity, the door to customized athleisure apparel is even more enticing to brands everywhere.

Your Brand + Active Wear = More Impressions

This is your chance to create a look for all of your employees that will be appreciated and used at work, at the gym and while running errands or at home. And having apparel that can transition from situation to situation with your organization’s message on it means huge visibility in the marketplace.

What Works Best for Your Brand

There are a lot of options on for activewear – from Performance T-shirts to Men’s and Ladies’ Activewear categories, you will have your work cut out for you to pick just what your office needs. Here are some favorites that we’ve seen customers love:

The Active Accessory

Beyond the apparel, which makes sense from a work wear perspective, don’t forget about the accessories that your employees and customers will love to pull out while at the gym, running errands or hunkering down to finish a task at work.

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