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Being a woman and receiving flattering apparel is often hit or miss across branded merchandise. Take a look at your promo inventory. Do you have shirts, jacket or other work wear cut to a woman’s shape? For many brands investing in men’s and women’s clothing is not the norm. More often than not, promo buyers choose unisex styles because of pricing or ease of ordering a handful of sizes with the plan that it will work for everyone.

But often women are given an unflattering shirt they don’t wear, or only use as a cleaning day/workout shirt. This means that your company’s visibility is majorly hampered because it isn’t being worn by a large audience of your key brand advocates.

Making the Right Cut, Cut it

One cost-effective way to start is with one area of your branded merchandise (such as employee dress shirts). Then evaluate the success and preference of a ladies’ cut from your internal staff before expanding the styles of other apparel items.

Not only should you look at how many women in your organization request the ladies’ styles, but also what their thoughts are on the styles chosen. Would they prefer something that’s lighter weight? How about shirts that are more casual? Do they feel that the size options they were enough? If your employees weigh in on the decisions of their branded merchandise they may also be more supportive of your future promotional apparel.

Considerations for Life Events

Take into consideration life events that women may experience during their tenure with you – namely, pregnancy. Depending on rules around branded work wear for staff, this may be a nice to have. But if uniform guidelines require branded apparel, providing options will make a difference.

With that said, given the typically shortened length of time that maternity wear is used, be cognizant of your budget and how much of an investment it necessitates. Maybe it’s a timeless top alternative that you offer to your employees, or a cardigan your employees can pair with their own personal maternity clothes.

Getting the Most Out of Your Branded Apparel

The bottom line is, buying branded apparel is a difficult decision. But if you have questions, reach out to your Staples Representative, or chat with a Rep on StaplesPromotionalProducts.com. We’re here to help you make the most of your brand experiences.


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